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Get excellent ideas about new garage door opener systems and their accessories

Get extra opener accessories

Today, you can find excellent garage door opener accessories in Glen Rock and although not all people need all of them, some will actually be useful. It's good to get updated with novelties and learn more about the advantages of backup systems, timers, supplementary sensors and detectors in order to decide which ones will be useful to you.

Learn more about the UL 325 guidelines

The UL 325 guidelines are actually the regulations set by the Underwriters Laboratories in cooperation with major companies for the increase of people's safety in regard to their electric garage door opener. According to these guidelines all openers must bear a label saying that they do have the necessary safety sensors that can prevent accidents.

Do not omit stiffeners during garage door installation

According our experts in Glen Rock, do not attempt to make false economies by omitting the stiffener. It is essential for managing repetitive jerks. The motor will also work well, even with bends, if you have incorporated this step into the installation. The gasket-seal should be at the bottom of the first panel.

If the garage door is opening by itself, the remote should be checked

This issue rarely occurs due to frequency interference. It is usually a result of a short in the remote control. As a result, it emits a signal all the time. When you leave home for work, the receiver picks up the signal and reopens the closed door. Sometimes the remote can be repaired, but more often it has to be replaced.

Don't forget to lubricate the springs

Garage door springs need lubrication maintenance as well. Lubricants keep the coils in a good condition and facilitate their movement. To avoid over-lubricating the springs and problems caused by improper lubrication, it's best to spray some lubricants on top of each spring and use your hands to apply it. You can also ask the assistance of our professionals.

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