Garage Door Maintenance

If you have a garage door and opener setup that's already worn out, then do yourself a favor and call our company today. We'll provide you with the right garage door maintenance services.

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Garage door maintenance is something that you only need to do periodically. This is because your garage door, opener and their parts are built to last a long time. Even when this is the case, some parts often do wear out far earlier than the other parts because they are the ones that usually sustain the stress of a heavy load or friction between two touching parts. This is why most people often forget that they still need to do some maintenance on their garage setup. When you forget to have them periodically checked and maintained, they become more unstable and more dangerous.Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance and Your Safety

Safety should always be on your mind when you're operating something that can be as heavy as 400 pounds. Even if you have the lighter doors that weigh only about 100 pounds, that's still heavy considering that these doors go over your head. Because of the inherent danger of having something heavy over your head, it is your responsibility to check for safety. We can handle that for you and provide you with our professionally designed safety checks that meticulously take a look at every part involved in the raising and lowering of the door.

Going for Minor Repairs

Machines, whether they are electronic or mechanical, will reach a point in their functional lives when they're going to be worn out and damaged. The good news is, damage and malfunction can be easily repaired. We do minor repairs to improve the function of your door and opener.

The Need for Parts Replacement

Sometimes, repair is not going to be an option. There are parts that get worn out or broken and cause the entire mechanism to break and the only way to restore the function is with a proper replacement. For overhead doors, the number one thing that gets replaced is the torsion spring. These often break because they are the ones that bear the full weight of the doors. Other parts that get neglected are the sensors and rollers. 

Call our company today and let us take a look at your garage. We have the proper garage door maintenance services for all your needs.

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