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What is UL 325?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories and the UL 325 guidelines are a set of regulations with which electric garage door openers must comply with in order to ensure your safety. It means that they must have safety entrapment devices and reverse mechanisms. UL do not certify openers but list them as checked for compliance and approved.

Why wireless keypads are practical?

Wireless keypads are convenient and will make your life easier especially if you tend to lose your clicker often. Since they only need a code, you won't have to worry about batteries or whether the remote will be stolen or used by your kids. Just keep your code secret or change it often and have peace of mind.

Do I need to install a lock on the garage door?

If you have an electric opener, it is not be necessary to install a lock on the door, as properly installed openers already function like a lock. However, if you have an old door opener, you may want to install a lock or invest in an electric opener.

How do you change the code for a door opener?

The code of a garage door opener serves as its virtual key or password. To change it, you have to enter the old code, directly followed by the pressing of Pound key, then the new code, and the Enter key. Our experts recommend the changing of door opener codes as part of the maintenance routine.

What are the benefits of insulating a garage door?

Standard garage doors are usually built from thin metals that will lose heat quickly as well potentially having gaps around the sides and bottom that allow a breeze to come through. This can make your garage an uncomfortable room in winter as well as impact electrical components like the opener batteries. By insulating the doors you address the key thermal leak of the room.

How do I make my extension springs safer?

Older extension springs that don't have the safety cable or the safety bracket/ lock are more likely to fly off their mounts if they snap. This action is very similar to how a rubber band flies after getting pulled and released. If you want to be safer, you either need to have a safety cable run through your extension springs or have them replaced with newer, safer ones.

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