Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Do you want to know about us? One way is to go through the testimonials of customers

If you are looking for fast and reliable service for your garage door repairs, we are the company that can assist you. All our garage door technicians are experts who are known to get the job done correctly and properly all the time. All our operators have been well-trained to handle all types of doors, even special types such as carriage doors. So do not worry or fret if you find yourself having some trouble with your doors. We will make sure that it will be up and running and back to its top performance in no time. Just make sure to call us and we will assist you.

Residential Garage Door Service by Trained Pros

The testimonials people who trust us sent are just the mirror to our excellence

Quick Extension Spring Replacement

When I noticed that my overhead door was uneven and could not move, I immediately called Garage Door Repair Glen Rock because I had used their emergency service before and I knew it was reliable. The crew was at my place just shortly after I had called. They resolved the problem extremely fast by replacing my broken extension spring. Even though my door uses very specific components, they had a perfectly matching new part. They ran a test after the garage door spring replacement to confirm that all was fine. The problem was resolved in an effective, professional and amazingly quick manner.

Fully Restored Safety Sensors Operation

I simply could not close my garage door with the transmitter. It kept reversing and I simply could not leave it open. I called the emergency service of Garage Door Repair Glen Rock and I received help almost instantly. The technicians checked the cables, the tracks and the safety sensors. It turned out that the problem was with the latter. Apparently, they had failed completely, but the professionals offered a solution straight away. They provided garage door sensors replacement quite fast. They performed tests for ensuring that all was fine. The service was perfect in every respect. The new devices work flawlessly.

Great Garage Door Replacement

"I recently purchased a small fixer-upper in a quiet neighborhood. It was quite a steal, so understandably, there were some compromises made. Some of these so-called "compromises" were apparent in the garage. It badly needed a new door. What the house had was a one piece wooden door that had obvious signs of water damage and rot. The tracks were a mess as well. When I called this company, they sent in someone to take a look. He gave me an estimate for replacing the entire unit and it was reasonable. A couple guys then returned with the door and other parts and after they finished, my garage looked great!"

- Robert Berger

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